The Elephant in the Room

When I was told I needed to have a hysterectomy my very first thought was “of course I do, because naturally I just bought the big box of tampons at Sam’s Club”.  And while that seems absurd now, I think the humor of my first thought was my brain cushioning myself for my second emotion, […]

Ever After…

Tax forms require me to check my marital status as “divorced”.  I resent that label.  It feels like failure.  I’m petitioning for “currently blissfully engaged to the man of my dreams” but thus far zero success with that. Speaking of the man of my dreams, on this I will gush a little bit.  I took […]


I love to cook.   Mostly because I also love to eat.  However, I get a feeling of accomplishment in creating feasts for my family.  The dinner table is sacred to me and I insist on considerate manners and communication during our gathering time at meals.  I am rather stern about that.  “Mabel, Mabel strong and […]


I have a mad crush on Adam Levine and am pretty sure Ellen DeGenerous and me are supposed to be best friends.   I also know these feelings are definitely not reciprocated by either of those people.   I am a Pinterest addict and have a board on there titled “fabulous ideas I am definitely never going […]

That Girl

I hug everyone- and I never let go first.  I am often surprised how long the hug lasts or how much the other person, and sometimes me, needed that comfort.  I am moved to tears easily by kindness, beauty in small things, music, seeing love and compassion in the world, and sometimes just plain ol’ […]

Hi There!

I’ve been struggling what to write first, how I can somehow offer something a million bloggers don’t already offer you.  You can google anything, find answers anywhere.  So, I am struggling with the “why me” part of blogging.   I guess, after much contemplation, I’ll just tell you about a few things about me, maybe you […]